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Positive Discipline Parenting Classes

When: Tuesdays, from 6-8 pm, January 31-March 14, 2017 

Where: Oak Harbor, WA

What: 7 week training to learn new tools that are effective with kids of all ages. 

Who: Open to parents, guardians or other childcare providers. 

Register: Call (360)675-7057 or 1-800-215-5669

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CADA's Sexual Assault Awareness Month PSA! 

Domestic Violence Support Group for Adult Females:

When: TBA
Where: Oak Harbor, WA
Cost: FREE
Register: (360) 675-7057
Deadline: Call as soon as possible to get on the wait list! 

Sexual Assault Support Group for Adult Females:

When: To be determined
Where: Oak Harbor, WA
Cost: FREE
Register: (360) 675-7057 
Deadline: Call as soon as possible to get on the wait list!


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Crisis Line 360-675-CADA (2232) or 1-800-215-5669 
Available 24 hours a day for victims who are in crisis to talk to an advocate about domestic violence or sexual abuse.

Crisis Intervention and Support
Advocates work in partnership with clients to identify and address a wide variety of client needs and to provide crisis assistance, including emotional support, safety planning, shelter options, and community referrals.  Advocates also provide personal support through medical exams following an incident of rape, sexual abuse, or domestic violence. 

Advocacy-Based Counseling
Advocates provide support and education about issues of domestic violence and sexual abuse.  The primary focus is the client's safety and developing tools for empowerment and autonomy. Advocates also work with clients to identify their needs and provide them with information about and referrals to local service agencies, court and social service agencies.  Advocacy based-counseling is not therapy; referrals to therapy services may be available to sexual assault survivors.

Emergency Shelter
In collaboration with Island County Housing Authority, CADA operates an emergency shelter, Marjie’s House, for women and children who have experienced intimate partner domestic violence. CADA participates in a nation-wide network of shelters, which provides victims multiple shelter options throughout the country.

Legal Advocacy & Court Support
Trained legal advocates help victims understand their legal rights and options, assist with protective orders and police reports, and support them through the criminal justice system. CADA’s legal advocates can accompany victims as they interface with law enforcement, prosecutors, and attorneys.  They may also accompany victims to court hearings related to domestic violence and/or sexual assault. Legal advocates are not attorneys and cannot give legal advice. 

Sexual Assault Therapy Referral
Limited funding is available for therapy services for clients who are adult and/or child victims of sexual assault/abuse. These services are available to clients who are participating in our advocacy services.

9-1-1 Phones Available
CADA has 911 emergency cell phones available for victims of domestic and sexual violence at no cost.  The phones can only call 911 and only operate within cell phone calling ranges.  

*These donated phones are made available through CADA's Cell Phone Donation Program.  If you would like to donate your cell phone, please call for a collection site or drop your phone off at our Oak Harbor office.  Old or broken phones are recycled. *

Support Groups
Psycho-educational support groups are available for victims of domestic and sexual violence.

‘Positive Discipline’ Parenting Classes
CADA offers a free 7-week parenting class to the community using the Positive Discipline curriculum. Classes are offered in Oak Harbor throughout the year.

Education and Prevention Programs

Youth Services:
An essential part of the work being done at CADA is addressing the issue of preventing domestic violence and sexual assault in Island County schools. The following presentations are offered in elementary, middle and high schools by our Youth & Community Educators.

  • Elementary School ‘Hands & Words Should Not Hurt” Anti-Bullying Program
  • Middle School Healthy Relationships & Anti-Bullying Program
  • High School Safe Dates Program

*These presentations are also available for other community groups in Island County.*

Community Trainings:
CADA’s Youth and Community Educators are available to present to clubs, parent groups and other organizations on a variety of topics including domestic violence, sexual violence, stalking, cyber stalking, elder abuse, child abuse, healthy relationships and bullying. CADA staff is available as a resource to other community service providers, including law enforcement agencies, to provide training and information on working with victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

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