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Positive Discipline Parenting Classes

When: Tuesdays, from 6-8 pm, January 31-March 14, 2017 

Where: Oak Harbor, WA

What: 7 week training to learn new tools that are effective with kids of all ages. 

Who: Open to parents, guardians or other childcare providers. 

Register: Call (360)675-7057 or 1-800-215-5669

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CADA's Sexual Assault Awareness Month PSA! 

Domestic Violence Support Group for Adult Females:

When: TBA
Where: Oak Harbor, WA
Cost: FREE
Register: (360) 675-7057
Deadline: Call as soon as possible to get on the wait list! 

Sexual Assault Support Group for Adult Females:

When: To be determined
Where: Oak Harbor, WA
Cost: FREE
Register: (360) 675-7057 
Deadline: Call as soon as possible to get on the wait list!


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Do not leave your cell phone or smartphone unattended. There are types of malware and spyware that can be downloaded to your phone that track everything you do, from a separate location. In addition, it will forward all of your emails, text messages and Facebook messages to another phone or computer. It also allows the person spying to view your call logs.

This software can be purchased by anyone and cannot be detected by you once it is on your phone. There is no easy way to delete the spyware once it is on there, and many cell phone companies do not know how to erase it. It is safest just to replace the phone with one you are sure has not been tampered with.

In addition, someone can track you using your GPS without touching your phone at all. All they need is your phone number, and the internet, and they can follow you anywhere you go.  If you have GPS on your phone, it is connected to a satellite 24 hours a day that can locate your position anywhere. Anyone can use this feature against you by simply ‘buying’ access to it.

For detailed instructions on how to disable the GPS features on your phone go to http://icanstalku.com/how.php

BE AWARE! BE SAFE! Contact CADA with any questions.  

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