Upcoming Events

Positive Discipline Parenting Classes

When: Tuesdays, from 6-8 pm, January 31-March 14, 2017 

Where: Oak Harbor, WA

What: 7 week training to learn new tools that are effective with kids of all ages. 

Who: Open to parents, guardians or other childcare providers. 

Register: Call (360)675-7057 or 1-800-215-5669

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CADA's Sexual Assault Awareness Month PSA! 

Domestic Violence Support Group for Adult Females:

When: TBA
Where: Oak Harbor, WA
Cost: FREE
Register: (360) 675-7057
Deadline: Call as soon as possible to get on the wait list! 

Sexual Assault Support Group for Adult Females:

When: To be determined
Where: Oak Harbor, WA
Cost: FREE
Register: (360) 675-7057 
Deadline: Call as soon as possible to get on the wait list!


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